Amit & Shanya, 2016

"Eldon is very friendly, he shared lots of information and guided us through the process of buying a home"

Eunice, 2016

"Eldon was professional, reliable, and provided excellent customer service. He did his research and was flexible in my changing home needs and super patient! He went above and beyond to go through the process for my first home buying experience."

David & Pamela, 2016

"Eldon was always very quick to respond. He was great at explaining everything to us and preparing us for the next steps."

Michelle & Dennis, 2016

"Eldon provided personalized service, and was highly responsive and very proactive throughout the entire process. He was top notch! Everything Eldon did met and exceeded our expectations. He anticipated the steps of the process and prepared us every step of the way. He made sure we had updates at all hours of the day, as soon as he had new information. Awesome!"

Jeffry, 2016

"Eldon was very proactive and responsive. He also took time to educate me on the home-buying process. Eldon stayed in constant communication with my loan officer to ensure that the sale went through smoothly. He also negotiated for a home warranty that has already been useful. I am very happy with my experience."

Jeffery, 2015

"Eldon exceeded my expectations with his prompt and efficient service."

Paul & Irena, 2015

"Eldon provided prompt and thorough responses to all our questions no matter what time of the day it was."

Augustine & Yu-Hsuan, 2015

"Eldon was very friendly and professional. He responded to all our questions through emails and calls without delay. He made us feel comfortable purchasing our first house. Eldon was always there for us with every step of the way. He kept us informed through the entire process from searching to closing the house."